Start your journey without worries, Socialtailor from Savilecode takes charge of all your commitments in social networks.

Your needs, our obligations

Choose the bundle of Socialtailor that more is adapted to your needs and we take charge of the rest.

Silver - Tailor

Implies 2 social networks + Blog in case of it is.

Suitable networks will be advised according to the type of client, being adapted to those who more divided are going to extract its concept or business model.

Management of the blog and interconnection of the same one with the social networks. In case of having several differentiated marks, a bonus will be added for every additional.

3-4 weekly publications between the different social networks or blog. Constant monitoring of the same ones and resolution of everything what is generated in them (to answer comments, to realize pursuits to key interest words for the client, derivation of technical consultations on the part of clients in social networks so that the opportune measures are taken).

Gold - Shewing

Adding everything what implies the bundle Silver - Tailor will manage monthly payment campaigns in social networks as Facebook or Instagram, or announcements in Google Adwords. The above mentioned campaigns will allow to extend the performance area in events organized by the client or the publicitación of products offered by the same one.

The campaigns will be realized always bearing in mind the needs of every client. They will be able to be of local, regional or even national ambience. Savilecode will always realize, to throw these campaigns, a delimitation of the target most interesting and adapted for the client allowing to come to major possible number of users.

Travel without charges, travel freely.